Saturday, May 03, 2008


Ruby has been getting 2 teeth and FINALLY one broke through. We had a horrible a couple days ago with her waking up every hour or 2 crying until about 4 am. It was like having a newborn again! But then in the morning, her tooth had finally cut the gum. Hopefully the other one will come out a little easier.

We've got a lot of feedback about the chickens!! So heres the deal. The city will only let us have two (so that will take care of the smell issue a lot of you are so concerned about). We want them for eggs only - not for meat. We'll let you know what happens. Organic chicken feed is getting expensive, so we have to figure out if it will be cost-effective to keep them. Although, how do you put a price on fresh eggs? We also have a lot of other home & garden projects so we have to prioritize.

Happy weekend! I have an early mother's day surprise waiting for me tomorrow.

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