Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ruby's talking!

This weekend as I was heading out to the grocery store - by myself! I never would have thought that would have been so fun. Maybe I need another hobby or something, it sounds like I have no life. Anyway, I was waving and saying bye-bye to Ruby as she waved back and then she said bye! A couple days later, John picked up a banana to give her and he was saying, "banana, banana" & Ruby said, "bababa". I know, it's not baNaNa, but she had the right inflection and everything. And wasn't just going babababababa, like she sometimes does. Yesterday we were looking at a photo of a cat. I was saying, "Cat, meow." Ruby said, "eeoh, eeoh" very high-pitched, like how I was saying meow. Today she said "oof" when she pointed to a picture of a dog.

She and I went to the library today for a puppet show. While we were waiting for it to start, she was walking (still holding on to me) and then starting pulling books off the shelf. All of a sudden she found The Backward Day, remember that book? She did too (we returned it to the library). She was sooooo excited. She looked at me in disbelief, then opened it up to find the funny little boy and did a little dance. Oh, I was so proud.

As I was writing all this, John came up to me and asked what we were going to have for our evening snack with tea. I shrugged. Then, (man, I scored in the husband department) he said, "Can we make some quick cookies?" Um, ok. THEN, he found my favorite cookies (snicker doodles) to make. I love this man.

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