Sunday, May 18, 2008

the makers were met

The show was a great success! I had so much fun and it was amazing to meet so many talented people. We had lots of shoppers & the venue worked out well. Most of the crafters said they would love to do this again if we would have them. I didn't sell as much as I hoped, but most vendors did really well. I had to restrain myself from buying too much, but I did manage to get a couple things for Ruby from another Megan. Ruby is asleep for the night, so I'll have her model for me tomorrow. I got this tote bag that Amy made to sell at the shows.

Amy is my Meet Your Maker partner and celebrated her birthday yesterday too. I brought her a little treat. Rhubarb coffee cake, the recipe for it on these cards, & this little tea towel.

In other exciting news, Ruby took her first step yesterday! John & I were both there to see it. She crumpled as soon as she did it & hasn't tried again since, but it was pretty exciting. We went to her friend's 1st birthday party & I think Ruby was feeling like she wasn't getting enough attention - you know, the birthday girl was the star, and there were other babies, so Ruby had to show off a bit with her little step.

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