Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Alpacas & apples

John took me to Gathering Together Farm for brunch on Sunday for Mother's Day. It is the best food ever. Unless you're in Italy, maybe. We went there for my birthday too. This time we got to sit out on the patio - it was a gorgeous day. We ordered our food, then as the chef prepared it, we visited the buffet of unbelievable pastries & treats they have all made there that morning...chocolate covered donuts, rhubarb coffee cake, fruit salad with granola and yogurt, goat cheese on sourdough....
It is really hard not to fill up on all that. But I tried not to, because I knew my crepes were coming. John ordered this, which was really good too.

It was perfect - my little family, wonderful, fresh food, and sun.

After we finished our lunch, we headed across the street to visit the alpaca farm.

Ruby acted like she sees these guys all the time.

On Saturday, John & Ruby went to the farmer's market & brought home this little apple tree. Its a semi-dwarf liberty. Yum.

I know you didn't really look at the tree in that last picture, you were looking at Ruby. Who can resist? So, here's a close-up of the blossoms.

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