Sunday, May 25, 2008

we &hearts books!

We all love books in this house. This is Ruby asking John to read her this book. She practically jumped off my lap to take it to him & crawl up into his lap.

I recently discovered the Meet the Author series on itunes U. I really wish I knew about this when I was in the classroom. Ruby is too young to enjoy it now, but I have downloaded a bunch to my ipod to watch. All the videos are FREE. I've only watched one so far- the Jack Prelutsky one, and it was good, but not something I would have shown my kindergartners. So, if you're a teacher, these should be previewed, of course. Just in case you aren't as obsessed with children's literature as I am and you wouldn't watch these for fun.

Oh yeah, we checked out this book by Mary Azarian from the library recently, which I love. It is so gorgeous! It reminds me of Nikki McClure's work - I guess because of the style of art, but also how she makes the everyday tasks we do seem beautiful and important.

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