Wednesday, May 14, 2008

happy mother's day

My first mother's day was so wonderful. John & I were still talking about our brunch from the week before. Because John would have had to make reservations in February for us to have brunch on mother's day, I got to spread the celebration out for 2 weeks. Lucky me. John made me stuffed french toast for breakfast with yummy strawberries from the farmer's market. Then he took me out for lunch too. He and Ruby gave me this beautiful apron that I love.

I really wanted a cute apron. We have one full-length (is that what you call an apron? I have no idea) one and another that doesn't cover your shirt - which is nice to wipe my hands on, but sometimes I need a bit more coverage. I didn't know it was so obvious that I wanted an apron. I didn't think I mentioned it at all, I mean, how silly to say, right? But I guess I must have. Anyway, its adorable and I love it.
Oh yes, I also spent quite a bit of time in the hammock on Sunday. John was in Portland all day on Saturday, so it was extra nice to get some time by myself.

You really think you didn't talk about wanting an apron? - J

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