Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Rubylove!

Warning: The above video is long - about 5 minutes, but I just couldn't cut anything out. It's Ruby's first year in pictures. Enjoy!

Our little baby girl is one! We can hardly believe it. This year has been far more intense than we ever would have imagined. The challenges have been harder and scarier and the love and laughter so much richer than I ever thought possible. I feel so lucky to be Ruby's Mama. It is incredible to watch her grow and it seems she does something new every day. It's funny, as a teacher, when parents were amazed at things their children did, I would nod and say, "Everything just clicked, thats the way it happens." Which is true. But to see it happen is a whole other experience. To see this tiny little baby that seemed so helpless grow into a walking, giggling, talking, communicating person in just a year, is beyond words. Actually, beyond words is really how mothering feels to me. I feel more myself now than I ever have. Although I have many moments where I wonder how I got to this point - I still feel like I'm 20 or so - how am I a mama to someone?, I still feel so grateful to be in this role and to be able to enjoy it so much.

One year ago we wondered what Ruby would be like (and we still do), but she is already showing us that she is smart, funny, snuggly, generous, and a voracious reader. A few days ago, John had Ruby on his lap and he said, "She doesn't understand everything that I say yet." Ruby smiled, nodded, then laughed. We're just beginning to learn all about who Ruby is and what she can do. We are excited (and a little sad that she's not a baby anymore) to see her as a toddler.

Happy First Birthday, Rubylove!


Christi and Mike said...

Wow! That video was great!! I can't believe it has been a year. Ruby is beautiful!! Happy Birthday, Ruby.

mamabean said...

Happy First Birthday, Ruby! Welcome to Club's a fun place to be! Much love to you, Mommy and Daddy on such a special occasion!

rebecca said...

Sweet video...I am so happy for you. Parenthood is a wonderful, scary rollercoaster ride! Sam is 16 today, June 15th, and I am still holding on tight and shutting my eyes!