Friday, May 16, 2008

meet your maker

Tomorrow is our first craft show! It all seems so surreal. I'm trying to keep my head on straight as I rush around in spare moments gathering everything together, making last minute products & finishing up organizational details. But I am so excited about it all. Yesterday our ad came out in the Eugene Weekly, which made everything seem a bit more realistic and also left me wondering, "Is this really happening?"
You can visit the show's website to see all the details and find a list of vendors with links to their sites. We have a lot of great crafters & artists that will be there.

My life is pretty great right now, and I realize it. But it is far from perfect, although it may seem that way on the blog. I don't usually write about the moments during the day that make me question what I'm doing. But I assure you I have them. Like yesterday when glass shattered all over the kitchen floor at the same time Ruby woke up. Then when I was cleaning it up, she was trying to crawl through my barricade and get to the dustpan (which she LOVES) and then ripped up a library book. I am out of practice of all this multi-tasking! Its been a year since I left teaching and I have slowed down a lot.

Oh, here she is now - waking up a bit scared because there's a fan blowing in her room. The high is 97 here today!

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