Wednesday, May 21, 2008

food, again

I did not take this picture - its from flickr. I don't seem to be able to take appetizing food pictures.

I recognize that I have A LOT more time in my life than I used to when teaching for living the way I'd like to. I know that most people do not have as much time at home as I do. BUT, we all do make choices about how we spend some of our time. I would love to be able to spend quite a bit more time making dinner if I chose to, but usually around dinner time, there is someone in the house (I won't name names) who absolutely has to be held or will scream and make everyone miserable if she or he is simply surrounded by a bunch of toys. Preparing dinner usually has to take 30 minutes or less now. But we try really hard not to sacrifice the quality of our food just to get it on the table quickly. We don't buy packaged/processed foods anymore to speak of. No veggie burgers, etc. We can't afford to do that. We make our food from scratch and try to make it as simple as possible. We eat a lot of beans & rice w/ whatever veggies we have thrown in, or pastas, a bit of fish thrown in the oven. I think because we buy such yummy (as local as we can, organic, fresh) produce, this simple dinner procedure still ends up being fairly good most nights, without a lot of time. Here is an article that reminded me that this choice of time we have preparing food is a choice. We have the luxury of taking 30 minutes or less to make our food nowadays, which was not the case just a couple of generations ago.

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