Monday, October 22, 2007


We have had a busy few days around here. We hosted a housewarming party on Saturday. We had about 30 people here and a lot of fun. There were several babies for Ruby to play with and watch. Ruby was incredible. She woke up about an hour before people arrived and ate. Usually she's up 2 hours before her next nap. Ruby took 2 very short cat naps during the party, but otherwise was awake a total of 5 hours. She also didn't eat until people left. She was just too excited by it all. She was a happy girl as long as she stayed with me or John.

On Sunday, John took us out to brunch at Gathering Together, the farm where we get our CSA. The food there is amazing. We stuffed ourselves like it was Thanksgiving as Ruby just watched patiently and practiced chewing. The food was overshadowed by the couple next to us that got engaged while we were there! It was so much fun to see that happen. They got to show off the ring to everyone right away.

But the latest of Ruby's tricks, might be my favorite...she's kissing us!!!! She's always loved getting kisses (even from her stuffed animals and dolls), but now she will turn her face to "kiss" our cheeks. She just leaves her mouth open on our cheek, but smiles afterwards. John and I are all slobbery now, but we love it.

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