Wednesday, October 24, 2007

another tooth

It's hard to believe that a baby as calm and beautiful looking as her picture below could have been the same baby I had today. Ruby was MISERABLE. I could not put her down for a second and nothing seemed to make her happy - except kisses. Oh, and then when Daddy came home. She actually giggled for him. She was crying moments before. But I looked in her mouth and she's got another tooth coming in. This one is also on the bottom, but not in the middle! It's pretty far over to the side, a molar, maybe?? Is that possible? A bad day with Ruby is still better than a bad day teaching, that's for sure.

Yesterday was my birthday and John & Ruby made it special for me. John made or got all of my favorite foods for me and gave me some really thoughtful gifts. Ruby gave me a massage. The card said "because you carry me around all day, every day, I thought you deserved a break."

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