Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ruby's new tricks

Ruby is such a little Daddy's girl already. She can be crying and in so much pain from her teeth and then Daddy walks in the door and she's giggling. It's' adorable.

One of Ruby's new tricks is screaming. She has found her vocal chords and likes to use them. She screams when she's tired, when she wants to be picked up, when she's playing, and for no reason at all. I can't say this is my favorite thing she's done. I'm really hoping she'll stop being so proud of this new trick soon. We just try to whisper back to her, hoping she'll figure out that we don't talk so loudly. You probably think its funny, but its not. I'm afraid to take her out in public and afraid the mailman will think I'm beating her. But it will make for a good Halloween house.

She has also figured out how to kiss us on the lips now. It is the best! She'll kiss us and then pull away with her mouth wide open. This makes up for the teething and screaming combined.

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