Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Fun

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Brianne and Eddie were visiting this weekend. We drove down with them to Harrisburg, just south of us in the valley and went apple picking at a family orchard. The weather was beautiful, sunny and about 60 F. We picked a couple of pounds (40 cents/lb!) and came home to make some yummy apple dessert. Ruby had a great time checking out all the trees. Tree watching is high on her list of activities if you didn't know already. Brianne and Eddie had lots of fun with Ruby, and Ruby had lots of fun with them. She was so full of smiles and giggles whenever they held her. This morning when Ruby woke up and saw that Bri and Eddie were still here she was so excited. (Thanks for coming down B and E, we really enjoyed it and I know Ruby did too.) -John

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