Tuesday, October 02, 2007

story time

Ruby had her first story time at the library today. We walked - yes, walked!- to the library all bundled up on our brisk fall morning. The library is a historic building with stairs and no ramps so we had to park the stroller on the bike rack and lock it up. Funny, huh? I got some weird looks, but what else was I going to do? The library has a fireplace and lots of little rooms. It's so cozy. There were 24 kids there. A pre-school class from a nearby church comes every week. It was hard for this former teacher to keep her mouth shut. Some of the kids were soooo loud!
Ruby was amazed by it all. The librarian was great, she had puppets and chose 3 interactive books to read. One of the books was about some monkeys making a birthday cake for their mom. They were trying to be quiet so they wouldn't wake her. When they mixed all the dry ingredients, one monkey said, "Don't sneeze!" and then Ruby sneezed. Everyone laughed, it was really cute. Then there was a little puppet show.
The whole thing lasted 30 minutes and Ruby just sat on my lap staring up at the stage. I can't believe she has such a long attention span. As soon as she was back in her stroller, she passed out. I'll have to take the camera next time to share a picture of her all cozy. She looked ready for snow. We did some more shopping downtown, then headed back home. It is so nice to be able to walk to fun little places. I hope we have some non-rainy days this winter so that we can take advantage of it.

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