Monday, October 01, 2007

4 months old!

We went to Ruby's little friend, MaryAnn's house yesterday to celebrate Ruby's birthday. We made chocolate-filled vanilla cupcakes. Yum! MaryAnn is 2 weeks older than Ruby and so cute. The girls are funny. They're just starting to reach out and pet each other, its really cute.
Ruby's first little tooth is beginning to poke out.
She & I went to "live and learn with your baby" class that the community college hosts. There were about 20 babies & moms there. Ruby was amazed. She laughed and smiled at all the big babies crawling, walking, making noises. She seemed to be taking notes. She especially liked one little boy in particular. MaryAnn is in the class too. We go once a week and then spend the rest of the evening trying to make up the feeding and nap she skips while there. There's too much to look at!
Keep the recipes coming - thanks to Christy & Bri for the ideas. I'll try them soon.
Sorry this is so scattered. Baking season has begun here and I'm writing this in between steps of some rolls I'm baking. (And of course, playing with and feeding Ruby).

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