Friday, September 28, 2007


Ruby is teething. Ugh. Her little hand is always in her mouth or pulling something into her mouth. She's handling it pretty well - we've only had one major meltdown. We try to distract her as much as we can by playing with her and kissing her, which we all love. She's so snuggly in her p.j.s.

Ruby did a new trick yesterday. She sat on our laps without any support! I know, I know, teething, sitting, turning pages in books...I swear she's not even 4 months old!

In case you hadn't heard, we're no longer vegetarian. When I was pregnant, I could not stomach beans or tofu, but I needed lots of protein. Now, Ruby can't handle it when I have beans, and a girl can only eat so much cheese, tofu, nuts, and peanut butter. So we're eating fish, chicken & turkey. But, we don't have any cookbooks or very many recipes for these new foods. Anyone out there have any FAST (30 min. or less hands-on time) dinners they can recommend?

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Megan & John said...

Thanks for posting this morning. Its so great that I can see and read new things from you while on my break. I love you!