Saturday, September 22, 2007

we've moved!

We're finally getting settled in to our new house and we've got the internet hooked up. Yay! Ruby has done so many new things in the past week. She's been a trooper through the move. She's a bit stressed, but she's handling it pretty well. She also started teething through all of this, which was really bad timing. Ruby rolled over from her tummy to her back once last week. She hasn't done it since, I think it was a little much for her. We met our neighbors across the street who have 2 little girls. They are so nice! They offered to help us move in and brought us home made chocolate chip cookies! The woman is a nurse in the postpartum dept. at the hospital and is training to be a labor and delivery nurse. What a great resource right across the street! When Ruby met the girls (age 4 & 6), she laughed more than she ever has before. It was so adorable. We've had great weather here recently, so Ruby and I have been outside a lot. We found a little canal that runs through the neighborhood that has a ton of ducks living on it. Ruby and I sat on the bench and watched them. She was mesmerized. We've been waiting to go back with John and some bread. Ruby and I spend a lot of time out on the deck, nursing and watching the flowers and leaves blow in the wind. Life is good. Okay, enough rambling. Here's a funny story:

Ruby was REALLY tired one day and I was carrying her around, singing to her until she fell asleep. When I laid her down in her bed, she all of a sudden opened her eyes, gave me a HUGE smile and then laughed so hard that she made herself cough. It was like the whole thing had been a trick.

We'll post some pictures of Ruby soon and the house later after we get some more of these boxes out of here. Be patient!

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