Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are you getting a check?

photo by LollyKnit

With tax refund checks & stimulus checks on their way, there is a lot of talk about what we should do with the money coming in. This is our plan so far (in case you care):
10% to college fun for Ruby
10% to our iras
10% to charity
10% to plane tickets to FL, or should I say half a seat to FL
10% to house repair budget
10% to car maintenance & savings for next car
10% to the principal on our mortgage
10% to the principal on our school loan
20% to living expenses/misc.

There was also talk of buying a whole lot of wine with all of it.
But I came across this today and have some more ideas. John & I wanted to get a couple chickens, but didn't think we could afford it, so maybe we can take that out of our living expenses fund. What do you think, John? We also want to get a bike seat for Ruby and they are ridiculous expensive. What are your plans?

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John said...

how much to the wine fund?