Wednesday, April 16, 2008

happy arbor day

This weekend, our city held an arbor day celebration and gave out free trees. We've been talking for months about getting a tree for our yard to replace the dead dogwood we had to cut down. So, we walked downtown this weekend and put our name in the drawing for the trees. We got to choose between a maple and this lovely akebono cherry tree (no cherry fruit though, sadly). All of the trees around our house are maples, so we went with the flowering cherry. Who can resist these pretty little blossoms? Then we had to walk back home carrying this 5' seedling. Well, John carried it while I pushed the stroller. We thought the trees would be much, much smaller. Its planted now and untied - not like in the picture. I took the picture during our warm, sunny weekend, but now the clouds & rain are back so I haven't been out to take another one.

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