Saturday, April 19, 2008


This was last weekend. It got to 75 and was so sunny. Here she is sharing her toys with her little buddy, Lexi. Ruby ended up hanging out in her diaper. This morning, it was snowing!
We went to the doctor earlier this week for a check-up. At Ruby's 9 month check-up, it seemed that Ruby lost weight, so the doctor wanted to see us again before her 12 month check-up. We went in and Ruby was weighed. She is gaining weight, but very slowly. No one is concerned though. She has grown a lot in length and is very busy right now and she still has some chub rolls on her. The doctor said, "I think she's fine. Her skin looks good and healthy and she has a good forearm." What? We have no idea what that is supposed to mean, except that maybe her forearm is still a little chubby and it would be skinny if it was time to worry??

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