Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day

It's another rainy day here - we didn't get outside to celebrate, which just seems wrong. I should have wrapped us all up in our rain gear for a walk at least. But I did that yesterday and it poured on us and my hands were freezing by the end of our walk. I was really hoping it wouldn't rain, so I didn't bring appropriate gloves in protest. I couldn't really muster up enough energy to do it again today.

The craft show deadline to apply was on Sunday and now we're going through applicants & furiously sending emails back & forth to decide who will be accepted, preparing press releases & posters. Its fun but hard to do with only a couple spare moments here and there while Ruby busies herself briefly and I run to the computer.

I'm reading and loving The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule, whose blog I've been reading for quite a long time & I love. This is a wonderful, practical book that is really inspiring. I wish I could go peek into their home & see it all in action.

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A said...

Hi Megan - Can you email me? You won the drawing for a copy of The Book Book on the CMP site. Thanks! Amy