Thursday, April 17, 2008

craft exchange

Remember the monster party we were invited to? We missed it. Ruby had a cold & we didn't want to infect all the other little babies. Yesterday Ruby & I went to wish the little monster a belated happy birthday. We gave him this little kitty that he immediately snuggled with, which made me so happy. Then, he gave Ruby a stuffed monster that his mama made for ALL of the babies invited to the party! I love this craft scene out here. Although, I must admit, its a bit intimidating. I feel like a slacker sometimes. But I seem to be staying quite busy. I'm working on making a bunch of stuff to sell at the craft show , knitting a hat for Ruby, and attempting to sew some window worms to maybe stop some of these drafts coming through our windows. I know, a little late on the window worms, but hopefully they'll be ready for next winter. Maybe they'll help with summer heat too?

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