Friday, April 04, 2008

Ruby Love

This is our favorite granddaughter! We had an awesome visit with Ruby, Megan, and John on Ruby's 10 month birthday. Ruby is the smartest 10 month old we know! It will be hard to say goodbye in the morning.
She has made us laugh and giggle at so many of her expressions and actions. She continually is "training" us. She absolutely giggles with glee when she goes for a walk and finally sees "her" ducks.
She cannot get enough of her books..she reads and reads and always wants more. She turns the pages for us and can even reorient a book if it is given to her upside down.
Can you tell we love her? She has made everything worthwhile in a very short time.
One of her favorite things is to come out of the bath and get dried off and then get wrapped in a Lion or Bunny hooded towel...she looks at herself in the mirror and just giggles and wrinkles her face...
This seemed like a good, long visit until the time is approaching to leave. Tomorrow, it will seem like it went by way too fast.
Thanks to John and Megan for a wonderful visit, for sharing their beautiful daughter and for being the best parents possible to our little Ruby.

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