Tuesday, March 25, 2008

technical difficulties

Issue one: I'm switching this blog to a different website, more later, and am having issues learning the new site's stuff. I'll get there.
Issue two, three, four....: John is out of town. For a week. He is in Kansas City, MO for a sustainable agriculture conference. We're all a little loopy trying to cope without him (and he away from home, among other things).
Oh, and another issue: Ruby only took one 45 minute nap today. Apparently she's, like 4 years old or something. So, from 11:45 am until 7:20pm today, I've been trying to entertain her. It hasn't exactly been easy. John quit taking naps at a young age and I'm trying hard not to think about that, but Ruby is in so many other ways like him (except that she really likes to scream) so I'm afraid I'm in trouble.

I don't know if I've ever written about it before, but Ruby LOVES music. She is so excited when John plays the guitar and has to go over and strum a few chords herself. She usually calms down instantly when we start singing, and already recognizes several songs. She shrieks over the record player. Our (the 3 of us) favorite music to listen to lately is Elizabeth Mitchell's Little Bird album. If only we had it on vinyl for Ruby. Do they still make those Fischer-Price record players? I got that when Brianne was born. Maybe I should dig around on ebay or something. If Ruby naps.

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