Saturday, March 08, 2008

spring hike

We finally took Ruby on a hike in OSU's forest recently. It was a beautiful day, and she loved it. She giggled and shrieked the whole time. We can't wait until it warms up even more so we can do this all the time.

We went to Eugene on Friday so I could go to a meeting. Ruby still nurses every 3 hours, so she had to come as well, but she couldn't come to the meeting, so John took the morning off and took Ruby to the Eugene library for infant story time. He said she had such a great time, although I think he may have enjoyed himself and watching Ruby more. She was the loudest baby there (except for the crying babies). She liked the puppet show, but got really excited when the duck puppet came out. She LOVES ducks. We were pretty impressed that she recognized the puppet to be like her favorite animal.

She has also discovered that she has a 3rd hand:

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