Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. paddy's day

Ruby is festive today with her shamrock barrette in her hair from here. She got a couple holiday clips in her stocking at Christmas.
She is a big baby now. She crawled(!) and only took two short naps today (boo). Also, she is really into her books right now which makes me so proud. She loves other toys too, but thats not so exciting to me. Anyway, one book she lovesFrom Head to Toe, by Eric Carle and each page has a different animal moving some part of its body that we can do as well. John and I act it out as we read. A couple days ago, Ruby was looking at the book by herself, turned to the page where the seal claps his hands and started clapping her own hands! I wasn't clapping or reading or anything! When I told John about it on the phone later, she started clapping again when I said that she clapped. Its amazing that she can understand this already. She waves when you say good-bye, claps when you say clap or "yay, Ruby!" and hides her face when you say, "Where's Ruby?"

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Anne Storms said...

I love Ruby's hair bow so I went to that website and fell in love with them. I just don't know if Emiyl would wear them.