Wednesday, March 12, 2008

flower power

I never really understood daylight savings time until we moved to Oregon. Everything feels so different now that it is light an hour later. That and the fact that the trees and flowers are blooming everywhere is enough to make me think about summer and tank tops and swimming. I can't wait! I had no idea how much I'd love spring. And at the end of this spring, we get to celebrate Ruby's first birthday. How exciting. But now I have to try to convince her that she is sleepy.

Oh yes, I'm reading this fabulous book. I recommend it to all parents & teachers. It is full of practical suggestions and everything is simple enough to make part of daily life. It is my favorite book about children right now and it makes me excited to think about Ruby being a kid, not a baby. See, I never really pictured a "kid". I just wanted to have a baby. I don't really know what happens next or if I'm ready for it. I guess thats how it goes, right? I didn't go into this thinking, "I want a teenager." Does anyone?

Craft show news: We're still searching for the right venue. Does anyone know Eugene well enough to offer suggestions???

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