Wednesday, April 09, 2008

lil' monkey

A month ago Ruby was scooting and not crawling. Now she is crawling everywhere, constantly pulling herself up to stand on whatever unstable object she can find and then grabbing on to our fingers to walk around the house. She is so excited about her new freedom and mobility. I'm excited for her, but man, my back is killing me. Last week wasn't so bad because there were three other people who could take turns with her, but now its just me all day.
Ruby also has a new face that I can't seem to capture on the camera - mostly because I have no hands free to use a camera. But this face has lots of attitude. She uses it mostly on strangers that get too close or talk to her, but I get it a lot too. She will give it to me when I tell her no or just because she feels like it. It would be really funny if didn't have "If she's like this now, what will happen when she's 13?" thoughts going through our heads.

We found a great venue for our craft show. Its going to be at Midtown Marketplace on May 17th from 6-9pm. This place has a nice restaurant, a wine bar (that will be having wine tastings going on at the same time) and a cafe & coffee bar. The last two won't be open in the evening though. It's got great atmosphere and we're really excited about it. So I'm busy trying to organize lots of stuff for that and also trying to make a bunch of products to sell. The website for the show is: Spread the word! Amy (my partner in all this) is the one who made Ruby's milk shirt she's wearing in the pictures above. She sells kids' stuff & grown-up stuff.

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guava lava said...

cute cute cute shirt!!
(and cute Ruby!!)