Sunday, January 06, 2008


So sorry for the long delay. I've been waiting to post pictures that are stuck on our camera. I didn't realized that our memory card wasn't in the camera and I've been taking pictures. But now we can't find the cord to connect our camera to the computer, so the pictures are stuck. I will post them when we find the cord.

Ruby has figured out how to scoot around. Its so cute! All of a sudden, she just started pushing herself around and she's getting pretty good at it. The only problem (for her) is that she can only go backwards right now. She loves it though. She's trying so hard to figure out how to go forwards. She can't quite get it yet. It cracks us up. She'll lay on her belly and hold up her arms and legs in the air and move them around like she's swimming. Then she gets frustrated because she didn't move. I LOVE that I can now let her hang out on the floor for a little bit. She can't get too far yet and my aching back can get a break. This kid weighs a ton. 19 1/2 lbs. at the last check.

She's also teething right now. She has a big swollen bump on her bottom gum. We've had a sleepless week. Ruby has always been an incredible sleeper, we've been very spoiled. So now, we're a mess, trying to function on a bit of sleep - especially me. Ruby also has figured out some object permanence and when Mama's not right next to her, she's not happy. She loves hanging out in Daddy's arms until she's super tired or in pain. Last night, John got up to sooth Ruby back to sleep and she just screamed until I came in. Ugh! She has totally screwed up her routine too. So now she thinks she should be up until midnight or so. Not okay!

Ruby's trying out new laughs and sounds now, which have us laughing constantly. Usually her new laughs come out as coughs, which she thinks is great. Other times she screeches and it sounds like a zoo in our house. She seems to get funnier and cuter every day. Besides the teething, she is by far, at her best yet.

It snowed here this morning! We had big flakes that didn't technically stick, but there's still some snow hanging out on the top of our tent and some plants out front. There are even icicles hanging off of Ruby's bird feeder.

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