Thursday, January 17, 2008

sorry, no pictures

Ruby is still trying so hard to crawl. She has all this energy now. She seems to be moving constantly. She's hard to hold on to! We went to parent & baby yoga on Monday. Ruby wanted to play with the other babies so badly. She started "talking" to them all and finally a boy about her age answered her back. He was across the room, but they continued to have their own little conversation.

I've tried posting a picture of Ruby. I was told that the only entries worth reading are the ones with pictures. But, blogger is not letting me right now. I'll try again later. Thanks for reading even without the pictures.

I know its hard to imagine that John and I are doing other things besides playing with Ruby but we are. Here are some of our latest activities:

John has his first publication coming out soon! His graduate professor, another professor and he wrote an extension article about the research he did while working on his degree. How exciting! A published author!
I've got my etsy site going now selling some bath products. You can find a link on the right side of our blog.

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