Friday, January 25, 2008

cold flamingos

It snowed! We had a dusting last night that was so pretty to watch. Ruby noticed it this time. We stood at the window and she had her mouth open, watching the flakes fall. It will probably all melt by this afternoon. But it was really nice to wake up to 1/2" of snow or so on the ground.

Last night we got some pictures of Ruby feeding herself. I will warn you, there is a pouty picture of Ruby in here. I know some of you (grandparents) don't want to admit that she is ever sad, but here is proof. There are a bunch of pictures to make up for yesterday (E.K.) and to show you the whole sequence of events.
Without further rambling, here is the dinner of rice, apples & pears:

Oh, forget the spoon, just give me the whole bowl.

No, no, I want to do it myself!!!

See, I can do it. No one's taking my spoon away from me.

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