Wednesday, January 30, 2008

craft fair

A better picture of Ruby's tooth that now seems to be going back down into her gum a bit. What is with her crazy teeth? We took this picture on photo booth on the mac with the cool effects. That is some time-wasting fun right there.

I'm going to be in a craft fair! Woo hoo!
It will be in Eugene on Feb. 9th from 9-4 at the St. Thomas More Newman Center. If you live nearby, you should come visit. I'll have cookies....

This past fall, I went to the Corvallis Fall Festival and met Amy from Knitty Bitty. She is a stay-at-home mom who sells adorable kids' clothes. Some of her stuff is knit and some of it is silk-screened. I got to talking with her about her wares and how she does it all. I mentioned to her that when Ruby got a bit bigger and we had settled into our house, I was hoping to start an etsy site selling natural bath & beauty products. She gave me a lot of encouragement and told me to let her know if I had any questions along the way. So a couple days ago, I emailed her and shared my etsy site with her. She and I are going to trade some things. Then she told me about this craft fair and thought there was still room for someone with bath products. She emailed the coordinator and I'm in!

Of course, at first, I thought, "I can't do this - what about Ruby? Is my stuff good enough to sell...." But John jumped right in and got all excited. He's going to hang out with Ruby all day in Eugene and bring me food and bring Ruby to food (me) and help me make a bunch of stuff before the 9th. He's the best.


Christi and Mike said...

How exciting! When did you start making bath products? Any other little secrets? :o)

Megan & John said...

Thanks, Christi. I've been making them for myself for a long time and now starting to sell them on the etsy site. I knit too. :)