Saturday, November 17, 2007


We made it to Seattle and Ruby did amazingly well on the train. I loved riding on the train, relaxing, looking out the window at all the evergreens and rivers. It was a misty day and a beautiful day for a train ride. I held Ruby during her naps, which was so nice to do again. When we arrived in Seattle and got to Bri & Eddie's apartment, Ruby fell apart. She was so exhausted and overwhelmed. We finally got her to sleep and she passed out for the night. We went to a lovely little cafe this morning for breakfast. I miss it already. We've spent most of the day today hanging out in the apartment, playing with Ruby. We thought it might help her out to just stay put in one spot for awhile. So, she's looking cute in her little corduroy dress, sleeping away right now as we await our yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Off to play a game of marbles.

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