Monday, November 05, 2007

Ruby's a big girl

Ruby thinks she's a big girl and should be eating and drinking with us. She is fascinated by it all. So we got her a sippy cup to try out. She can hold on to it and even get it in her mouth. She can't quite tilt it up though. We gave it to her empty at first and then we put some water in it. She did not like that! Milk only for her, thank you.

Today the neighbor's cat came over to visit. Luckily John was working from home so he got to see how Ruby reacted to it and take pictures. The cat is really friendly and kept rubbing up against me and Ruby. Ruby reached out, pet it and seemed to really enjoy him.

But she did love sitting in her high chair for the first time. I'm having a hard time admitting she's such a big baby already. What happened to my itty bitty baby that just snuggled in my arms? I was reading about what she may be doing in the next month and I am just so sad about it all. It seems like she will become more of a floor baby than a lap baby. She will soon be able to sit on her own for longer periods of time - although she's got to stop spitting up so much for me to let that happen, and she's reaching out for things and becoming so much more intentional about her play. I'm overwhelmed by it all. I'm excited and saddened. It seems like she becomes more fun and loving and challenging all the time. I guess this is parenthood, huh? Parents: what are/were your favorite baby and kid ages? Least favorite? A lot of people have told me that 6 months was the best baby age - do you agree? Leave a comment.

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