Saturday, November 24, 2007

happy swinging thanksgiving

Ruby's first independent swinging...she actually liked it, we just couldn't seem to catch a picture with a smile.  We think she's really chubby and big and then we put her in a swing and it swallows her up.  It was a really cold day here, as it has been.  We had Ruby bundled up in a hat and under probably too many blankets in her stroller, so I also think she was in shock here at being out in the cold.  It's been in the 20s at night and mid-40s during the day.  Its gorgeous - lots of sun, no clouds; but cold!  
Our friends invited us over for "orphan Thanksgiving" again this year.  None of us have family nearby.  Ruby had a bizarro Thanksgiving.  She skipped her afternoon nap and feeding!  We went over to our friends, ate dinner and all of a sudden, Ruby realized she was starving and VERY tired.  She gave us her warning squeals, and our lovely, generous friends packed us up a bunch of leftovers and dessert and sent us on our way after barely an hour.  Ruby passed out in the car and woke up later ravenous.  

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