Sunday, November 18, 2007

ruby's first thanksgiving

We celebrated our thanksgiving a little early. Ruby loved seeing all the food and watching us all chew. She had a look on her face the whole time that seemed to be asking for some mashed potatoes. Eddie made his first turkey, which was very yummy; we had mom's mashed potatoes, which were great, but not quite the same as mom's, salad, and homemade by bri pumpkin pie cheesecake. yum! We weighed Ruby the day after Thanksgiving dinner and she weighs 18 lbs! (According to the bathroom scale, nothing scientific.) For the record a month and a half ago she weighed 16 lbs. Maybe the scales are calibrated differently, but Ruby's still a chunker.
Today we went to an organic restaurant and then later had organic, sinful donuts. We love the big city! Oh, and Ruby had her first fire drill. The alarm went off in Bri & Eddie's apartment. Luckily Ruby was up from her nap. We bundled her up, went outside and Eddie called 911. Everything was ok, of course, or I wouldn't be typing this. They said its not the first time its happened in their building.

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