Friday, June 08, 2007

Ruby's a week old

We made it through the first week! Things have gone a bit easier than we thought despite all the lack of sleep. Lynn (Mom) being here is helping us get more sleep than we would have on our own that is for sure. So a few milestones; the cord fell off, she rolled up onto her side, and she looked into megan's eyes for the first time. Not bad for only a week old. And her head, she can hold her head up for seconds at a time all by herself. Amazing kid we have here! So next week is looming. I'm going back to work. Probably not full time but pretty close. Lynn leaves on Monday so we better get our act straight. My parents and niece are coming in the middle of July which will be a big help since I am trying to finish this thesis paper. I know my mom can't wait to meet Ruby, it must be tearing her up. Megan is doing an incredible job. Ruby just loves her so much. She is up at all hours of the night feeding her and soothing her. And best of all, Meg loves it. Not to say times aren't rough now and then but overall she is so happy to be a mom, and feels so lucky to be one.


Jennifer said...

Brilliant Baby-- of that I have no doubt!

Love the photo in the sling.:-)


P.S. I just started a new NLU class. OM10 seems far away, but a great experience.

Megan & John said...

Jennifer - we are having some difficulty with our maya sling. We're thinking its mostly because we don't know what we're doing. I think it just takes some time to get used to it.

Is this your 3rd NLU class? How exciting! I wish I could be there when you have your first class with them and set up the community...I'm sure it will be great.