Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy girl!

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We have been having some great nights lately. (Hopefully this doesn't jinx us!) She sleeps for 3-4 hours, feeds for 1 hour and then back to sleep. Today the girls didn't get up until almost 10:30! This is really helping us catch up on some much needed sleep. A few days ago this was not happening with nary a wink to be had. On a sad note, Lynn is leaving us tomorrow. She has been wonderful, spending time with Ruby and us, helping cook, clean, and shop. Its been great! So this week will be a big test for us as we are on our own. Wish us luck!


jackie said...

what a beautiful little girl!!! hope you don't mind, brianne sent me your blog, it's great to see you two as parents! hopefully i can meet ruby someday when she visits her grandparents in florida. :)

Storms said...

Ashlyn's not happy about you guys having a baby, but we are very excited for you. When we told Ashlyn that Lynn was going to have a grandchild, she said "But she's my Lynn."

Ruby is beautiful, and you'll forget all about the lack of sleep in a few short months. Spend as much time as you can just treasuring her - what a miracle - it's so much fun being a dad.

Megan & John said...

jackie- thanks! i hope you get to meet ruby this winter too. thanks so much for the lovely gift your family sent us - we are overwhelmed!!!

chris/anne -ruby's got big shoes to fill (and so do we as parents). we've been hearing about how great your girls are for quite a while now! in fact, just about 30 min. before we told my parents we were pregnant, my dad was talking about ashlyn and said, "you know, since you haven't supplied us with any grandchildren..."