Monday, July 14, 2008

sorry, mama

Ruby got in trouble yesterday. I know, its hard to believe how this sweet little face could, but its true. She had something that I wanted and I kept asking her to give it to me, but she wouldn't. I put my hand on it and she bit me. Very much on purpose too. I told her "no biting" and she gave up the thing I wanted. She cried and went over to John for some comfort. He picked her up and told her no biting also. Then they went to go read a book. He talked with Ruby about biting and said she needed to make me feel better. I didn't know this was happening, but just happened to walk in the room. So John brought Ruby to me and said, "Say you're sorry." She leaned over to me to hold her and gave me a HUGE tight hug. So cute!

Its been really, really hot here the past few days. We're heading to the coast (not soon enough) to meet my parents there for a few days. We'll have more pictures - some more great ones taken with my dad's awesome camera like the one above.

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