Tuesday, July 22, 2008

csa day

sungold cherry tomatoes
gold roma tomatoes
sweet onion
yukon gold potatoes
red raspberries

photo by bensonkua


laurel said...

Have you guys felt that the CSA boxes have been a bit skimpy this year? this is my first year getting a box (although I have made many when working on farms) and after looking online at what GTF is giving their members and what Denisons gave last year, this year just seems prety skimpy. there is no way that we could get through the week on just the CSA box, we have a good garden and buy from the market too. tomatoes and fruit are nice, but we seem to be lacking in "food."

sorry vent/complain, but I was just curious to see what you guys thought. Maybe they are changing their focus and not growing as much this year, or maybe they've had crop failures?

Megan said...

Yes we totally agree. We were just saying that we might be going with a different farm next year - but like you said - maybe it is just a bad year for them. I feel like with GTF the past couple of years, we had an abundance of food and didn't really have to supplement that much at all, but this year we do. I love the fruit, and my dad reminded me that those are high-priced items, so to have great organic fruit is really nice. But we miss the greens and broccoli!

laurel said...

well, it's good to know we're not alone in our feelings... I hate to complain, but I might send tham an email. I tought it was maybe because this year is really weird for weather, but GTF is giving great boxes.

the fruit and tomatoes are high priced items and are nice to have but it's not enough to feed a family for a week. if they are shifting their focus to high priced items is great for them at the market, but doesn't work so well for a CSA.