Friday, July 25, 2008

guest post

My mom's turn to post now about her time here with Ruby. This dress that Ruby is wearing in the mom MADE it. I know. It's incredible. She took a class to learn how to smock and this is her first project! But I shouldn't really be surprised - she did make my wedding gown, which was gorgeous.
On to the post:

It is so hard to write this-the keys seem all blurry-I'm crying already Bri. I'm leaving in the morning, and will miss this wonderful family SO much. I've had a wonderful stay with Megan, John, and Ruby. I love waking up to Ruby's chatting and waving when I go in to get her up, and she doesn't stop until she is asleep. She gives lots of kisses, signs so much, understands even more, loves the garbage truck and mailman, kids, the beach, animals, swings, and is one happy and smart toddler. It is hard to say good-bye.

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