Tuesday, July 08, 2008

csa day

photo by La tartine gourmande

Here's this week's box:
salad mix
beefsteak tomatoes
red onion
golden raspberries
red raspberries

We will definitely by making pesto. We have a crop of cilantro begging to be harvested outside, so I think we'll be making some salsa for tonights burritos as well. We've been waiting so long for fresh salsa!!

John was working from home this afternoon, so when Ruby napped, I went to get the CSA myself. There is no reason for the italics other than for me - I sometimes forget there is a myself. Okay, back to the story. So, being by myself, I could stop and have a lengthy conversation with the next door neighbor of the CSA drop house. She has a beautiful garden in front of her Queen Anne house built in the 1880s. I commented on her garden and we chatted for quite awhile. She gave me some local history - her house was moved in 1910! and lots of gardening advice. Oh, and an invitation to stop by when I pick up my food again for more gardening discussions. Did I really need another reason to love my CSA? No. But getting to know the community and have a conversation piece is a lovely one.

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Janine said...

So, perhaps you greenies already knew this, but I didn't...our cilantro went unused in our garden and kept growing until it produced little seeds. Now we have coriander. Amazing to me as I didn't know this...my husband informed me of this the other day quite matter of factly!