Monday, December 10, 2007

this is how weekends should be

We got our Christmas tree up this weekend. Ruby is in mouth-open, big-eyes, awe over it every time she sees it. We bought it from a lot to benefit a local mission. (We didn't know that at first, we just saw the sign that said, "All trees $20". A local tree farmer donates the trees to the mission. The people have to go out and cut them down themselves, then they sell them for $20 each, any size. The tree is beautiful, but, um, wasn't exactly cut by professionals. The trunk was really crooked and we think our saw is somewhere in FL and didn't make the trip out to OR with us. John is so handy, he used his pocket knife to try and even it out. I said try. After we got it up and decorated it and went to sleep, it toppled over in the middle of the night. Ha!

Sunday was perfect though. Ruby slept in. Friends came over for lunch and they brought presents! We had yummy lunch. IT SNOWED AGAIN! It still didn't stick, but I don't care, I love looking at it coming down. We all took a nap. I took a nice, hot bath with some new bath salts (part of the present from the friends) and we baked Christmas cookies.

Tina and Lourdes, where were you? You're supposed to be baking cookies with me!

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