Wednesday, December 05, 2007

dandelion trees

In between rain showers, Ruby and I got out on a couple of walks. It was so lovely. I would look in one direction and it seemed like it would storm any second, another direction and there were blue skies. We saw two rainbows! Ruby got to swing again in the park. This time it wasn't so cold and she knew what she was doing. She giggled the whole time. I can't explain to you how cute it was. I collected some evergreen branches that fell in the storm. So now I have to try to figure out what to do with them. Wreath? Garland? Other ideas? I've been busy working on presents, but I can't tell you what I've been up to. You won't get it out of Ruby, either. She's good at keeping secrets.

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Brianne said...

I bet that's b/c she can't I right? am I right?