Sunday, December 16, 2007

new video

I get misty every time I watch this. Ruby makes us so proud! John had been reading this book with her over and over. This was the 5th time in a row. He called me in the room after the 3rd time because she waited until he was done reading and then turned the page EVERY TIME! In the video, she's a bit distracted by the camera - this kid loves the camera, but she still shows off her new trick a bunch. Enjoy.

Today we were out at the grocery store and John and I got samples of chocolate, yes, chocolate. Isn't that the best free sample you've every heard of? We were eating it and Ruby watched us and started chewing, as she always does when we eat. She reached out for it, then got all fussy. This is the first time she's watched us eat and been fussy because she couldn't. She was hungry anyway, but didn't realize it until she saw us munching. This kid loves to eat. (As you can tell.)

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