Friday, December 07, 2007

big day for Ruby

Today started off normally enough. John worked from home, Ruby was as cute as always. Then at lunch, the mailman rang the doorbell to deliver a package for Ruby. Not too out of the ordinary. But the package was a gift from my aunt. It was a book, called The Mitten, which I love, but we didn't have it. I know all the teachers out there just gasped. And these...

Not a great photo, I know, but its the mittens that I knit for my grandma last Christmas, right before she passed away. I'm so glad that I get to wear them now. They remind me of her and she was one of the reasons (my other grandma the other reason) I learned how to knit. She cried when she got them. She cried at a lot of things at the end of her life, but I really think she knew that these were special for her.

Okay, so why is this post titled big day for Ruby, you ask? Well, we were at our baby class today. And Ruby rolled over 3 times in the span of 10 minutes or so. She's been working so hard at this. She's rolled before, but afterwards couldn't remember how to do it. She's been getting so frustrated lately trying and trying to do it again. Well it seems shes got it down now. All the moms in the class clapped for Ruby. Yay!

Tonight was John's work holiday party. It was at Gathering Together Farm (which is really the only reason why I agreed to go instead of saying, "No, I think I'll stay home and put Ruby to bed." The food there is AMAZING!). We knew it would be a late night for Ruby, but we thought we'd try it. She did really well. She let other people hold her and touch her face and everything. And McQueens, you'll appreciate this: One woman said to John, "Is Ruby's middle name, Rose?" John said, "No, but it could easily be. We considered it." You see, many women in John's family have the middle name Rose.

Our drive home from the farm was not fun. Ruby was over-tired and couldn't calm herself down, even with a stop to nurse. She fell asleep about 2 minutes before we pulled up in front of our house and had to wake her up. Hopefully tomorrow she won't remember the trauma of it all.

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