Tuesday, May 01, 2007

less than 3 weeks to go

We went to the doctor today and the nurse seemed excited that I've been having contractions. I am too. The baby is continuing to drop. But the doctor said s/he hasn't dropped too low yet. She said she felt the baby's forehead and not it's cheekbones, so its still got to travel some. She also said that because I'm still smiling, working, and going to yoga, I've not reached the end yet either. I guess I need to start complaining more.

My class gave me 2 books that they made for me. One is titled "Baby Advice" and the other is "A Baby Needs...". They are both really cute and funny. I think my favorite advice is that Mr. McQueen should change the stinky diapers. Another student suggested that he take us out to dinner everynight. As cute as the class is, I'm glad to only have 7 more days of teaching left. My blood pressure was a little higher than it normally is for me and I know exactly which lovely children are the cause of that. Grrrr.

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