Sunday, May 13, 2007

counting down

There were 4 teachers (including me) pregant at school this year and now I'm the only one left. They've all had their babies. They've all been girls too! The most recent baby was born today and the due date was tomorrow. She went to the dr on Thursday and the baby hadn't dropped yet, but I guess it got itself ready in a hurry.

John and I are now feeling like this could really happen at any moment. Today we went shopping and picked up some last minute things that we think will come in handy. We bought a glider - spur of the moment decision. We found it at the consignment shop and decided that having rocking chair that is tall enough to rest our heads on will be really important when we are so tired. Plus, having an automan that glides too will be great. We brought it home and John hopped in it and cuddled up with a stuffed animal rocking it. I think he's excited.

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