Thursday, May 24, 2007

1 week overdue

We just got back from the dr. She monitored the baby's heartbeat and contractions (I had none while hooked up), then she did an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid levels. The baby is doing very well and there's lots of fluid left. So, the plan is that I will go into labor on my own soon! If not, then I'll go back to the dr. on Tuesday to monitor again - if I need to be induced then, I will. If not, then I will definitely be induced on Wednesday. The dr. said she will break my water first and see if that does the trick, if not, then she'd hook me up to pitocin.
My parents are disappointed, I think, that we have to keep waiting. But they got to hear the heartbeat for quite a while and see the baby on the ultrasound, which was exciting.
My doctor prescribed eating gelato tonight and making plans to go out of town and then maybe the baby will come. I love my doctor - she also wrote me a prescription to go part-time at work about a month ago.

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Storms said...

I took Anne on a five-mile walk and that did the trick. Praying for you guys. I know Lynn's going crazy.