Saturday, August 11, 2007

she giggles!

Ruby's Grandma & Gramps Gainer just left. We had so much fun together. They baby-sat one night so that John & I could go out on a date. A good time was had by all. Ruby is so happy and easy-going. The day before the grandparents arrived, Ruby giggled for the first time. It was the absolute cutest sound we've ever heard. Luckily, both John & I were there for it.


Anna said...

Your parents are so proud of you and your family. I always knew you were a wonderful young lady. I know you will be as good a parent as yours were to you. Good luck.
Anna Vanlandingham

jackie said...

how is it possible that she gets cuter with every photo?!

Megan & John said...

thanks, jackie! you should see her in person, she's the happiest little baby!